Past Projects

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British and American Cultural impact study

Exploring cultural impact on segmentation and word recognition
This study, run in collaboration with Rory DePaolis at James Madison University, aimed to find out at what age British and American infants begin to be able to recognise words embedded within a sentence. We had observed in the past that American babies seemed to be able to do this earlier than British babies and we obtained a year’s worth of research funding from the ESRC to try and work out why.

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Toddler templates

Psychological significance of production templates in phonological and lexical advance
This cross-linguistic study ran in 2010, jointly with Rory DePaolis, Ghada Khattab and Sophie Wauquier, and was funded by the ESRC. We worked with colleagues elsewhere in the UK and in France and studied children learning English (in and around York), French (in Paris) and Arabic (in the Lebanon) and looked at the sorts of patterns that toddlers use in each language when listening to and producing words. We followed a small group of children in all three countries over the course of a year, recording and transcribing their speech.

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