• Infant and Toddler Studies

    York is a leading centre for research and teaching in phonetics and phonology, in first and second language acquisition.

    Our team specializes in the study of phonological development and has established the only MA programme specifically dedicated to that topic. Our research focuses on infants and toddlers, including observational studies of production and experimental studies of word recognition and word learning.

  • Masters in Phonological Development

    This York University MA programme is designed for students who would like to obtain an in-depth understanding of how children learn the sound system of their language. It includes a balanced mix of courses focusing on phonological development per se and courses taking a broader approach to learning from a biological and cognitive perspective.

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  • Our Research

    Our main interest is the earliest stages of language development, including the transition from babbling to speech and the transition from the single-word period into syntax (early word combinations). We have conducted studies of children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years.

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  • How do babies learn to talk?

    In our BabyLab we study how babies’ own babbling, and later, their different ways of forming words affect the way they listen to speech and learn more words,and how their parents’ talking affects them.

    We are learning a lot from these activities – and we think the families enjoy them too, not least the babies, for whom everything is new!

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Classic and new studies of whole-word phonology A volume providing theoretical and empirical analyses of old and new data. Read more

Phonological Development in a new edition Radically revised version of Vihman's book was published in 2014. Read more


Recent research in early speech, language and communication
This workshop was held on 16 July 2013. Read more

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