Baby smiling

We have been running the York BabyLab since 2007. This has given us the chance to meet hundreds of families from York and the surrounding areas – and we have learned a lot! However, each research study not only teaches us something about how babies learn to talk but raises many new questions as well! So we always have new studies going on – and we would love to have you and your baby come take part in one!

For some of our studies we invite you to visit the York BabyLab for a short session. In other cases we would like to come visit you at home, to record you and your child playing together. And in a third type of study we give you the ‘LENA device’, for you to record your child and all the speech the child hears over a set period of time (without any of us being present). And then again we sometimes combine two of these study-types in one – depending on what questions we are asking.

  • To find out what studies we are currently carrying out in the York BabyLab, visit our ‘BabyLab Studies’ page.
  • To take part in one of our studies, go to ‘Sign up for a Study’ page.
  • For information about the LENA device, visit ‘LENA device’ page.
  • For contact details and information for getting to the York BabyLab, go to ‘Your visit’ page.
  • More information about your visit to the York BabyLab is available on our ‘FAQ’ page. This is a collection of questions parents often ask.