The core members of the group are:

Ghada Alkuwaihes. Ghada has just begun her PhD and the main focus of her work is Exclamatives in Arabic and crosslinguistically.



Nikki Chen. Nikki is in her second year of graduate work and she  is currently working on  secondary predicates in    Chinese with a particular focus on word order variation with directional resultatives.


David Gundry. David is currently doing a masters in comparative syntax and semantics.  His current work focuses on the nature and status of labels in minimalist grammars.



Margarita Makri. Margarita has just completed her MA-R dissertation on Expletive Negation and has also worked on the syntax of Comparatives.  In her doctoral work she returns to comparatives.  Her overall work focuses now on the typology of comparative constructions.


George Tsoulas




Rebecca Woods Rebecca’s PhD focuses on the syntactic representation of discourse participants and the ways in which such representations provide insights for the understanding of phenomena such as perspective shift and logophoricity.


Norman Yeo Norman teaches syntax and semantics.  His Phd was on optional Wh movement.  He is currently interested in the typology of questions.  He has also worked on distributivity.