COmparative SYntax – I (CoSy-I)

The first CoSy meeting took place in Cambridge on the 13th of December 2013.  The Programme was:
11.15-12  Dimitris Michelioudakis and Nina Radkevich Nominal parameters and parameter schemata
12-12.45 Margarita Makri: Expletive negation beyond Romance: Implications for clausal complementation
14-14.45  Timothy Bazalgette:  Semantic complexity and variation in focus expression
14.45-15.30    Theresa Biberauer & Jenneke van der Wal: From macro to nano: parametric variation in Bantu
15.30-16.15    Norman Yeo: Microparameterising wh-typology
16.30-17.15    Rebecca Woods: The lexical-functional distinction in expressions of evidentiality: A comparison of English and Lillooet
17.15-18    Anders Holmberg:   Typological aspects of yes/no answers

COmparative SYntax – II (CoSy-II)

The second CoSy meeting will take place in York on February 21 2014.  The programme will appear here shortly.